STI Pro Lite Wheels Spun Aluminun 14"
STI Pro Lite Wheels Spun Aluminun 14"
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    Wildcat 12-13 must use oem lugs
    Commander 800/1000 11-13
    Teryx 08-13
    Polaris RZR 08-13
    Rhino 04-13

    This STI wheel has been developed specifically for side-by-side UTV sand
    dune applications.

    This wheel measures in at 14-inches, but there’s a lot more to this new Pro-Lite Alloy
    than just its taller size. This wheel is offered in two widths: a 14×7 for the front, and more
    notably a unique 14×9 for the rear. This wide 14×9 sizing is precisely designed for use with a wide,
    low-profile sand tire such as STI’s popular and highly effective 27×14-14 Vortex V-Roll paddle.

    This wheel takes full advantage of the V-Roll’s expansive, high-flotation footprint that keeps the machine
    on top of the sand instead sinking in.

    Mounting on the 14×9 Pro-Lite also provides a very low-profile sidewall, which enhances handling by minimizing tire
    flex and lateral roll. There may be no hotter setup for SxS sand duning than a set of Pro-Lites mounted with V-Rolls front and rear.

    The benefit of the new 14-inch Pro-Lite is realized through more than just sizing. This wheel utilizes spun aluminum construction, which is much
    lighter than the cast wheels typically found on sand duning UTVs. And yet the 14-inch Pro-Lite is still strong enough for heavy machine use due to
    its exclusive, super-thick .230 wall inner half, which is mated to a .170 outer half. Add in dual rolled wheel lips and the 14-inch Pro-Light is ready to deliver
    superior strength while remaining nimble.

    Finally, a high-polish finish and distinctive center design sets this wheel apart not only in performance but appearance as well.

    THIS KIT COMES WITH 2ea. 14x7 and 2ea 14x8 wheels and Lugs.

    Rhino is 14x7 only