Diver Down Riser Snorkel for Polaris Ranger 900 (2013)
Diver Down Riser Snorkel for Polaris Ranger 900 (2013)
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    Our complete snorkel kits contain everything you need to properly snorkel your ride. Each kit comes complete with photo instructions to help you every step of the way. This snorkel kit is intended to provide clean, dry air to the engine and other parts needing venting on ATVs/UTVs, but does not necessarily mean the ATV/UTV can exceed the OE manufacturer’s stated maximum rated water line depth. The snorkel kit is intended only as an additional margin of protection in the event that the ATV/UTV is inadvertently driven into water deeper than the OE manufacturer’s air intakes will tolerate. There are many considerations to make when increasing water line depth and a snorkel is just one component. Additionally, this kit comes with differential bellows that allow the differential to breath without have to run long vent lines that can easily get plugged up with mud. This kit includes: - 2" necks down to 1 1/2" pipes and fittings - Rubber grommets - Vinyl Tubing - High Heat Silicon Hose - Differential Bellows - Riser Bracket powder-coated in black - All hardware for installation - Step-by-step instructions complete with pictures Fits: Polaris Ranger 900 (2013 - Only works on models with a production date of 3/1/13 or before/older) DOES NOT WORK ON MODELS PRODUCED 3/2/13 OR AFTER! We have discovered a frame change that occurred in 3/2/2013 of this year. The kit that we currently offer will not work on the Ranger 900 XP 2 seater model that was produced from the 3/2/2013 date forward. It will only work on models that were produced from 3/1/2013 and before/older.