STI Roctane Rear Tire And Kit Builder (FREE SHIPPING)
STI Roctane Rear Tire And Kit Builder (FREE SHIPPING)
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    Price: $123.79
    Choose Tire Size:
    1ea. 25-10-12 Maxxis Zilla
    1ea.26-11-12 Maxxis Zilla (+22.15)
    1ea. 27-11-12Maxxis Zilla (+29.21)
    1ea. 28-12-12 Maxxis Zilla (+36.63)
    Choose Your Wheels:
    ITP SS112 12x7 Wheels (+69.95)
    ITP SS212 12x7 Wheels (+69.95)
    ITP SS212 Black 12x7 Wheels (+69.95)
    ITP SS216 12x7 Wheels (+69.95)
    ITP SS316 Black 12x7 Wheels (+69.95)
    MSA Elixer Black 12x7 Wheels (+79.95)
    MSA Elixer Bronze 12x7 Wheels (+79.95)
    MSA Pilot 12x7 Wheels (+79.95)
    STI HD1 12x7 Wheels (+64.95)
    STI HD2 12x7 Wheels (+64.95)
    STI HD2SE Gloss 12x7 Wheels (+64.95)
    STI HD3 Blk/Mach. 12x7 Wheels (+64.95)
    STI HD3 Gloss Black12x7 Wheels (+64.95)
    Choose To Add Lugs:
    NO Lugs
    4ea. 10x1.25 Chrome Tapered Lugs (ADDS +6.00)
    4ea. 10x1.25 Black Tapered Lugs (ADDS +6.00)
    4ea. 10x1.25 Chrome Flat Lugs (ADDS +6.00)
    4ea. 10x1.25 Black Flat Lugs (ADDS +6.00)
    4ea. 3/8x24 Chrome Tapered Lugs (ADDS +6.00)
    4ea. 12x1.5 Chrome Tapered lugs (ADDS +9.00) FOr 2013 ranger 900, 800 crew.
    Choose Direction Of Lettering:
    White Letters Out
    Black Wall Out
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    This is one tire to be built the way you want on a 8ply STI Rotane Tire...