Light Kit-Arctic Cat
Light Kit-Arctic Cat
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    High Lifter's Arctic Cat Steerable Headlight Kit includes a bolt-on diamond plate, aluminum mounting bracket, nuts and bolts, a Hella High Performance Light (with high and low beam), wiring kit and instructions.

    This 4" x 7" high-powered center headlight points in the direction you steer. The mounting bracket bolts on easily to the handlebar mount and involves no cutting of plastic or any other permanent changes.

    The headlight does not cover up any Arctic Cat instruments and is tall enough to clear most items being carried on the front rack. This steerable headlight looks great and increases safety by letting you see hazards before the ATV turns enough to shine the fixed lights on the object. Also, from a stopped position, you can see a wide area ahead of you so that you can decide on the best route to take.